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(Ep. 111): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: October 2018

(Ep. 111): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: October 2018

October 29, 2018


What could be more spooky then a Simplistic Reviews Spooktastic Podcast? Okay so you could just  turn on the news which is scary enough.

Today, we bring the Halloween to your ears on the 111th episode of... wait this episode is number 111? So I times 111 by 6... 666!!!, Oh my god Gregory Sestero its the mark of the beast! Damn that's perfect timing or we held off a movie commentary from being released to make a Halloween stupid joke. Nay...not us we aren't that cheesy.

So let's all indulge into some candy, laugh, drink and talk about news and some spooky thoughts we had recently as well make fun of those shitty Hollywood scumbags on this episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.




S1:E3 - Simplistic Reviews Show Live!

S1:E3 - Simplistic Reviews Show Live!

October 1, 2018

The guys from Simplistic Reviews sit around and talk news. Check out the Simplistic Reviews Podcast for good old family entertainment and Simplistic Reviews Movie Commentary to have them over at your house.