October 17, 2016

(Ep. 24): SR Podcast - May 2014

It's May, and wouldn't you know it, we're on time this time! The Simplistic Reviews Podcast is once again....ON TIME!


This month we recap all that was the month of May, with a special guest appearance from America's OTHER favorite black guy, the DC Fanboy himself, Neal DaSouza. The quartet discuss the hidden beauty behind Grace Jones in "View to a Kill", where Marvel is finally showing the chinks in their armor, and all take part in a rather "arousing" rendition of "Kill, F*ck, or Marry." We also get a little literary, literally, when the guys talk about which graphic novel, book, or comic book arc should be adapted for the big or small screen in this month's "Simply the Best."

All that and so much more in their May Edition of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

Note: I realize that I switched between speaking in the first and third person, but that's just one of the benefits of being a little, how you say.......insane.

 Show Notes:

Christopher Walken Freaking Out

May Day

The End of Marvel?

Zohan Catches Bullet

May Day Sleeps With Bond

Music Notes:

Birds & Brass By Sort Of Soul

Word Up By Cameo

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